I’m a frequent flyer and these are the worst a–holes on airplanes

The sky’s the limit when it comes to plane pains.

A frequent flyer unpacked her hot takes on TikTok as the holidays near, saying her followers are “truly awful travelers” if they’ve committed these first-class sins.

“If you do any of these things you should take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror before you travel again,” influencer Tinx began the clip, which has taken off with more than 570,000 views since it was posted Tuesday.

“Let’s begin with people who are unprepared at the front of the security line,” she said. “It’s a security line — you know what’s coming — and yet there [are] still people who are fumbling around with their laptop like a child who forgot their homework.”

She even went so far as to criticize anyone who asks if they have to take off their jacket, because the answer is — “spoiler alert” — yes.

Tinx on TikTok
Tinx shared the first part of her series “worst things people do when they travel.”
TikTok / tinx

Tinx, who lives bicoastally in Los Angeles and Manhattan, also requested that travelers “keep the theatrical water chugging to the Uber.”

“Next, let’s discuss the gate crowders,” she continued. “They haven’t even put up our flight on the little digital board and you are crowding around the gate like it’s the stampede from the ‘Lion King,’ grinding your foot into the ground like you’re about to run with the bulls. ”

“Aside from the fact that you’re in Group 5, I gotta tell you, buddy, we’re all going to the same place, we’re all getting on the same plane,” the TikToker, who touts 1.5 million followers, added.

Tinx on TikTok
First, she griped about people who don’t know how TSA security works.
TikTok / tinx

What “baffles” her the most, though, are the luggage luddites.

“It’s very simple — just don’t be an a–hole,” she stated. “Get your overstuffed away suitcase up there and your ugly, little personal item in the seat in front of you.”

Users in the comments were quick to agree with Tinx, listing their own pet peeves that will place travelers on the naughty list.

“People standing up immediately when the seatbelt sign goes off but they are in row 32,” one user quipped.

Tinx on TikTok
People who crowd the gate, she continued, also made the list of unforgivable travel sins.
TikTok / tinx


“I DESPISE people who put their carry on in overhead in row 3 and they are sitting in row 50,” someone else wrote.

“Also middle seat people who try to guilt you into giving up your aisle/window seat to them,” commented another.

Tinx on TikTok
Tinx also made a note about overhead space, a hot commodity on airplanes.
TikTok / tinx

“What about people who eat tuna on the plane?” grimaced someone else.

“Always keep shoes & socks on. Feet stay in your space, not in between the seats. Please & thank you,” another user wrote.


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