How to Evolve Primape into Anihilape

There are a lot of new Pokemon coming with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Some of them are evolutions of older Pokemon, new forms of previous Pokemon or just completely new Pokemon. This is part of what makes new Pokemon games so much fun. A brand new Pokemon is Anihilape and it evolves from one of the oldest Pokemon, Primape. Here’s how to evolve Primape into Anihilape.

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Many will remember Mankey and Primape from the original Pokemon games, Red and Blue. Mankey could be caught right outside of Viridian City, just to the West in the first patch of grass. This was the first fighting Pokemon available to players.

Also, fans and players may remember Primape from the Pokemon TV Show where Ash catches one on accident and is never really able to control it.

Ever since, Primape has mostly been either a side Pokemon or completely forgotten about. That is, until Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Primape will evolve into Anihilape making it a Fighting and Ghost Pokemon while also increasing the base power that so many felt that it needed. The way to do this is to have Primape use the move Rage Fist 20 times and then it will evolve.

This move is learned naturally in the game at Level 35. That means that after it has been taught and used the move 20 times, it will get its new ghostly form.

Fans will enjoy the look of this new Pokemon as well. It certainly gives off a much more evil vibe than Primape’s just generally mad one.

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